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March 7, 2011 / Διαγόρας ο Μήλιος

House, M.D. on trust

Excerpt from a conversation between Gregory House and some religious nut.

Gregory House, M.D.

Gregory House, M.D. Click for full size (800 × 449 pixels)

A description of the picture for the benefit of the blind and of search engines:

The picture shows Gregory House of the House, M.D. T.V. series. The text goes as follows:

BOYD: God’s asking for our trust. You can’t love somebody and not trust them.

HOUSE: Trust has to be earned. You can’t trust someone hiding in a closet.

House M.D., season 2, episode 18: House vs. God – feel free to copy

The same article on my greek-language blog: Διαγόρας ο Μήλιος – Ο House, M.D. περί εμπιστοσύνης

Copyright © 2011 Diagoras of Melos

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